Reductions and Pollarding

Where a tree has outgrown its space in your garden or where dead and diseased branches occur, reduction in weight, leverage and size can be necessary. Depending on the tree and the intended effect there are various methods and strategies that can be used; this includes pollarding, crown lifting and crown thinning.

In this extreme form of pruning, pollarding looks to remove the upper branches of a tree from a young age; the entire head or crown can also be removed. Dating back to Ancient Rome, this practice, mentioned by Propertius in Latin verse, allows a reduction in the number of wounds. This allows the tree to repair, protect against decay and limit its energy loss. It can enable a tree to be maintained at a set size throughout its lifecycle.

We have many years of experience in effective reduction and pollarding of many different types of trees and for different requirements.

Hedge and Conifer Maintenance

Hedges and shrubs can play a huge part in the design of your garden, bringing form and structure. They will however, require the proper care and maintenance needed to get the best out of them. We provide professional services whether you need regular maintenance or an annual cut. We can provide expert advice, whatever your requirements; overgrown conifers, restoring ornamental shrubs, or avoiding neighbour disputes over the High Hedges Act. Hedge trimming must also take into account the type of hedge, to ensure the best care.


Felling and Tree Removal

Tree removal can be done through felling, where there is the appropriate space available to make this safe, or by dismantling the tree in sections. It is highly skilled work which we have many years of experience doing. There may be cases where permission from your local authority is required before a tree can be removed - we can offer all the help and advice you would need in these situations.

All stumps can be removed, if required, through stump grinding.

Tree Planting

We have inherited many mature and wonderful trees across our towns, villages, woods, church grounds and countrysides; many would have been planted or self sown many years ago - tree planting is making a bit of history. We can supply all types of trees, plants and shrubs for your garden needs, along with specific soils that will get the best out of your planting.

Small Tree Maintenance

Keeping your garden or grounds looking tidy, we can trim small trees and shrubs - quickly keeping things under control. Regular pruning and maintenance will ensure your trees stay healthy and in good shape. The right treatment, at the right time of year, will help get the best out of your bushes, trees and shrubs.

Site Clearance

Where an area of land or site needs complete clearance of all trees, stumps, roots and vegetation. Using the specialists equipment required we are able to completely clear the site ready for future development and use.